Natoc is involved in term based and ongoing initiatives across a variety of global sectors. Here is a partial list of current Natoc initiatives:

Regulatory cooperation between Canada and the EU (CETA Chapter 21)

Natoc is currently involved in two Canada / EU projects that involve common regulatory parameters. Click here for a summary.

Canada / EU MRA

Canada and the European Union have commenced a 2-year project from October 16, 2017 to October 15, 2019 working towards a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) for Mobile Crane Operator credentials. View the trade release.

European Crane Operator Licence recognition

A project with BC Crane Safety, ESDC Canada, and the European Crane Operator Licence Committee, EU. Click here for an article on the European Crane Operator Licence.

ISO 17024 BC crane operator certification scheme accreditation

A project with BC Crane Safety, Standards Council of Canada, and the Government of British Columbia, Canada.

Mobile verification of credential holders

This project is being implemented in cooperation with SkillRecord Systems Inc.

Equivalency Qualification Framework (EQF) – Model for Canada

This project is being carried out with the cooperation of SOLAS Ireland, CITB, UK, ECOL, EU, NLQF, Netherlands, and ESDC Canada.

Canadian Rigger/Signalperson Human Performance Standard

A project with BC Crane Safety in alignment with ISO 17024, ISO 23853, and ISO 15513.

Making sense of MRAs and CETA

Natoc is engaged in several Canada/EU projects as a participant in EU committees and international certification and verification schemes. For the summary of the CETA MRA chapter, click here. For the CETA agreement text on MRAs, click here.