What We Do


The National Occupational Council of Canada (Natoc) works with governments, institutions, and stakeholder groups to establish international mutual recognition parameters and agreements for regulated and self-regulated occupations. Such agreements facilitate mobility and ensure competitiveness in home and host jurisdictions. Mutual recognition of regulated and self-regulated occupations is a key component in both bilateral and comprehensive trade agreements.


Natoc accreditation options and foreign qualification and experience recognition processes are implemented in a consistent, fair, transparent, and timely manner.

A Project Scope Analysis reviews the occupational standards and certification processes currently in place in both the home and host jurisdictions. The process includes a gap analysis along with the design and implementation of any required gap mechanisms to allow for the seamless mutual recognition of home and host credentials, qualifications, and experience.

The final step is an agreement on a long term sustainable model to ensure the ongoing viability of the mutual recognition parameters.