Commonalities are the natural meeting place.

The National Occupational Council of Canada (Natoc) establishes international certification systems, provides accreditation services, and facilitates mutual recognition agreements for regulated and self-regulated occupations. These benchmarks enhance mobility and ensure competitiveness in both home and host jurisdictions.

Natoc was created to fulfill a signatory and facilitator role in the formulation and moderation of memorandums of understanding (MOU) for the mutual recognition of credentials. Natoc is an integral element in a model that can be utilized for the mutual recognition of credentials between Canadian and foreign jurisdictions and organizations across a wide variety of occupations. This model is the result of extensive international mutual recognition cooperation.

“Standards make things work. By giving internationally agreed specifications for products, services and systems, they help to ensure quality, efficiency and safety, and are instrumental in facilitating international trade.”
– ISO 2014 Annual Report

Competitiveness starts at home.